Van Go Children’s Creative Therapy Program

Van Go children's creative therapy program

Van Go is an innovative model of child-centred therapeutic services, developed locally to meet the needs of rural communities and service Ballarat, Moorabool, Golden Plains and Hepburn LGA’s.

Van Go provides creative therapies to children who have experienced family violence.

We provide:

  • single session therapy for families
  • individual creative therapies
  • groups
  • secondary consults.

A central aspect of Van Go is a flexible and responsive service that adapts to the needs of highly traumatised children, rather than expecting the family to fit a rigid and inflexible centre-based service model.

Family Violence Creative and Therapeutic Services (“FV-CaTS”) is funded to provide therapeutic services to children and their families who have experienced family violence within the Central Highlands region. The partners of the consortium consist of:

  • Van Go Children’s Creative Therapy program (Ballarat, Moorabool, Golden Plains and Hepburn)
  • Berry Street Restoring Childhood (Ballarat, Pyrenees and Ararat)
  • Ballarat Community Health – Family Violence Counselling (Based in Ballarat).

To support us :

  • Donate to the Van Go program here.
  • Find our information brochure here.
  • For referral enquiries please contact the FV-CaTs Therapeutic Intake Worker at
  • Find our Van Go Facebook page (see below).

Van Go can be contacted as follows:


Telephone:  03 5333 3666

Van Go Children and Teen Creative Corner – find us on Facebook

Van Go has launched their very own Facebook page called Van Go Children and Teen Creative Corner.   This page is for children and teens to help them understand their big emotions through providing activities in creative and engaging ways and giving valuable resources to help parents and carers to support their children and their relationships.


Due to COVID 19 we are modifying our services to include online appointments and therapy. We will adapt our services as guided by the sector and government advice.



Van Go is a partnership between WRISC Family Violence Support and the Moorabool Shire.