Community partnerships

Our Partnerships

WRISC works in partnership with many alliances and organisations within the Central Highlands.

Some of the key partnerships include:

  1. Central Highlands Integrated Family Violenec Committee (CHIFVC) provides leadership, advocacy and specialist expertise to strengthen, integrate and improve the family violence system and help end family violence across Victoria’s Central Highlands.
  2. Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-Operative (BADAC), where we share resources to support yarning circle groups and women’s family violence case management.
  3. Communities of Respect and Equity (CoRE), developed by Women’s Health Grampians, this alliance includes over 100 local community agencies to build their knowledge and capability regarding equity, violence against women.
  4. Family Violence- Creative and Therapeutic Services (FV-CaTS) This consortium includes WRISC, Berry Street and Ballarat Community Health and works together to provide therapeutic services for children and their families to recover from family violence.
  5. Working Together Partnership (WTP) This partnership comprises more than 10 family and community agencies that have come together through a partnership approach to do things better together.  A current resourced project within the WTP is the Collaborative Principal Practitioner project, of which WRISC is a financial partner.
  6. Central Highlands Homelessness Alliance (CHHA): WRISC is a core member of this alliance that responds to homelessness in the Central Highland’s region.
  7. Hepburn Family Violence Action Group (HFVAG): based in Daylesford, this group work strategically to respond to FV in the Hepburn region.
  8. WRISC also works collaboratively and in partnership with many individual agencies including local government, schools, community and welfare agencies, housing agencies, and government departments and many for-profit agencies.
  9. WRISC is also represented on many regional networks and committees including:
    • Ballarat White Ribbon Day Committee
    • Dhelk Dja Western Region
    • Aboriginal FV Police Protocols
    • Homelessness Operational FV Court Users Network
    • Family Law Pathways Network