WRISC Family Violence Support.

WRISC provides support for all women and children affected by family violence.

WRISC is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free and confidential services for women and children only, irrespective of disability, ethnicity, indigenous or tribal status, race, religion, or gender identity.

Our Community

WRISC understands that family violence occurs across all communities and in range of circumstances. To ensure WRISC’S response is inclusive, relevant and respectful we are working with a variety of services and supports across the region to ensure the voices of all are heard.

WRISC is currently connecting with the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Services and representatives of the LGBTIQ+ community to better understand and respond effectively. WRISC is actively recruiting women from a variety of cultural and community backgrounds, and also welcomes students from diverse communities.

WRISC is proud to be Rainbow Tick Accredited.

WRISC also provides outreach services to rural areas in the Central Highlands region, as we understand that rural communities face unique challenges.


WRISC can help by providing

  • Advocacy for women and children who are experiencing or have experienced family violence
  • Information about family violence and what help is available
  • Safe accommodation or assistance to make your home safe
  • Services and support for your children – counselling, art or play therapy, group participation
  • Culturally sensitive support through our Aboriginal program
  • Assistance with practical and material needs
  • Help to see a lawyer for information and advice
  • Support through the court process
  • A women’s support group

Who do we support?

  • Any person identifying as a woman
  • Women and children affected by family violence from a partner, parent, or other family member or any kinship relationship
  • Women and children of all ages, backgrounds and spiritual or religious beliefs
  • Women with a disability
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse women and children
  • Women who choose to remain with their partner who is using violence and women who have left or wish to leave
  • Women and children who are currently being affected by family violence and who have been affected by it in the past

Where we work

WRISC works with all women and children residing in the Central Highlands region including the City of Ballarat and the Shires of Golden Plains, Hepburn, Moorabool and Pyrenees.
Pyrenees ShirePyrenees Shire
City of BallaratCity of Ballarat
Hepburn ShireHepburn Shire
Golden Plains ShireGolden Plains Shire
Moorabool ShireMoorabool Shire

What is Family Violence?

Family violence, also called domestic violence or intimate partner violence, can occur in any family or intimate relationship and does not have to be in the home. Family violence includes any behaviour that controls or dominates a partner or family member and causes them to fear for their own or another person’s safety or wellbeing.


Family Violence Outreach Program

The Family Violence Outreach Program offers an opportunity for a woman to talk to someone about her situation. WRISC will listen without judgement or discrimination. We believe that everyone has the right to be safe, to be treated equally and...

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Dhurrung Wunggurrwil Family Violence Program

WRISC strongly believes in the importance of understanding and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and our shared history as Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians since Europeans arrived in Australia. Dhurrung Wunggurrwil (phonetic pronunciation:  Doo-roong Woon-goor-wool) means Heart Strong:  This...

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Van Go Children’s Creative Therapy Program

Van Go is an innovative model of child-centred therapeutic services, developed locally to meet the needs of rural communities and service Ballarat, Moorabool, Golden Plains and Hepburn LGA’s. Van Go provides creative therapies to children who have experienced family violence....

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WRISC Groups Program

The Groups Program at WRISC offers a variety of safe, supportive and therapeutic spaces for women and children to come together and heal from the effects of family violence. Groups in this program are developed in response to the needs...

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