How can the community help

Everyone can make a difference

Families and community members play an important role in supporting victims and encouraging those using abuse or violence to seek help, as well as, increasing awareness and changing social and community conditions that support violence.

At WRISC, we believe everyone can do something to stop family violence. You don’t have to be an expert; you just have to have the desire to make a difference in your community.

  • You can learn as much as you can about the issue and ask the hard question of why family violence (and men’s violence against women in general) is such a big problem.
  • You can invite community leaders to speak out about family violence at public meetings and forums.
  • You can let the young people in your life know that violence in a relationship is never acceptable under any circumstances.
  • You can bring the issue to the forefront at your workplace, your kids’ school, and sporting clubs or community groups that you’re involved in.
  • You can work with WRISC or other services to make sure information about family violence and where to go for help is readily available in our community.
  • You can bring attention to the issue through our local media outlets and social media.
  • You can make a contribution to WRISC or other services working to stop violence.
  • You can participate in a White Ribbon day event in your local community.
  • You can host or participate in events that celebrate women and their achievements.
  • You can support gender equity initiatives

We also know that women who have experienced violence seek help from a family member, friend or neighbour before they seek help from services. Your help and support can make a really big difference.

You can make a personal commitment to talk about family violence with someone you suspect may be a victim. (See helping a family member or friend).

Men play an important role in stopping and preventing violence against women and children:

  • You can recognise that men’s violence against women is a men’s issue that needs attention and action.
  • You can be a positive and non-violent role model to other men.
  • You can reach out to other men who are abusive or violent at home, to let them know, “You need help”.
  • You can speak up about why it’s wrong when someone says something derogatory about women or acts disrespectfully towards women.
  • You can swear the oath never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women

For more information about what men can do go to the White Ribbon website