Technology Apps to keep you safe

Helpful apps for victims of family violence

The Daisy App from 1800RESPECT

Daisy is an app which connects women around Australia to services. Daisy can link you up with a service phone number, be used to search the internet and let you know what to expect when you contact a service.

Family members and friends can use Daisy to gather information and support a loved one’s decision making.  Access the Daisy website here.


SmartSafe+ is a smart, interactive app to assist people experiencing family violence to collect and store quality evidence safely. SmartSafe+ is an evidence collection tool.  It is like a diary but with the extra features and security that smartphones and internet technology can provide.

SmartSafe+ has been developed for people experiencing family violence who:

  • are thinking about applying for an intervention order
  • have applied for an intervention order
  • have an intervention order that is being breached

To find out how to download, set up and use the app please call Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria on (03) 9486 9866 (Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm) or email

What The Family App by Drummond St Services

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The period of transition from being a couple to becoming a new family can be a wonderful time, but it presents a big learning curve. This means that is is also the highest risk time for the onset of problems that include things like relationship breakdown, problematic drug and alcohol use, family violence, and the onset of mental illness (usually, but not limited to, post-natal depression in men and women).

Drummond St Services has developed the What The Family?! App to assist couples in identifying any risk factors in their relationship that exist or may develop, including early identification of risk factors for family violence.

You can download the WTFamily?! App from the app store or Google Play. The app provides a series of questions and tip sheets to help you decide whether your relationship is likely to experience violence.

More information is available here.