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Family Violence Support

"Is it possible to change angry and vioent behaviour?", Moataz Hamde, ABC Life, 17 December, 2019

16 January 2020

Jacquie Watt, CEO No to Violence:

Often the starting point of the conversation for these men is they weren't at fault; someone else was.
"Men will often refuse to account for their own behaviour and don't recognise you have a choice whether you're violent or not," Ms Watt says.
They insist the system is stacked against them and they hold a victim mentality.
"And we know where it comes from: it's the fear of being outed and shamed as a violent person."
Ms Watt says while change is possible, it's ultimately down to the individual.
"What we try to do is to put all the supports in place to encourage and empathise without colluding," she says.

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